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ALLCOLD are the world leader vacuum
in cooling solutions&Manufacturing vacuum coolers

Multiple application scenarios

ALLCOLD is a high-tech enterprise dedicates
to the R&D and have 10,000m2 facility in Dongguan China

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ALLCOLD are the world leader vacuum
in cooling solutions&Manufacturing vacuum coolers


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ALLCOLD are the world leader vacuum in cooling solutions&Manufacturing vacuum coolers, combined with SEMCOLD USA(involved in vacuum cooling&refrigeration more than 80 years), Our Vacuum Coolers designed for cooling vegetables, Fresh Cut flowers, Baked foods, Central Kitchen, Mushrooms,cooked food & sushi rice, compost & turf etc.

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  • Vacuum cooler for fresh cut flowers

    Floriculture is an agricultural sector of worldwide importance and of paramount social and economical influence. Roses account to a large percentage of all flowers grown. After flowers are harvested, temperature is the one factor affecting them the most. This is the time...

  • VACUUM cooling– what is it?

    To the supermarket buyer or consumer it is a hallmark of quality to say that the product has been cooled by a unique process. Where Vacuum Cooling differs from conventional methods is that cooling is achieved from within the product rather than by trying to blow cold air...

  • Vacuum cooler for mushrooms-B

    Overall it helps to reduce the loss in quality of produce once it’s been harvested. Likewise, precooling increases the shelf-life of fresh produce. Higher quality and longer shelf-life means more profits to mushroom growers. ...

  • Vacuum cooler for mushrooms-A

    In the past few years more and more systems have been installed at mushroom farms using vacuum cooling as a rapid cooling method for mushrooms. Having the correct cooling processes in place is important in the handling of any fresh produce but for mushrooms it can be eve...

  • Vacuum cooling for bakery food

    Origin Implementing vacuum cooling in the baking industry has emerged in response to bakeries’ need for reducing the time from the ingredients scaling step through product packing. What is Vacuum Cooling? ...

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